All Cycle Club Sudbury time trials are run under the auspices of Cycling Time Trials, the national body to which CCS is affiliated.

To cover time trial riders for insurance purposes, the Club pays a levy to CTT for each rider who rides in a time trial. In recent years this has been £1; the rate for 2012 has now been increased to £2. CTT justify this increase by saying that the Club affiliation fee, at £30, has remained unchanged for a long time, and they need more income to cover the increased cost of insurance, other increased administration costs, and an increased drug testing regime!

The Club has therefore decided that the following increased rates for riding time trials will apply during 2012.
Per season:  CCS 1and 2claim members; £45-00. Members of other clubs;  £50-00
Per evening: CCS 1and 2claim members;   £3-00. Members of other clubs;    £4-00

(Rates previously advertised were:
Per season:  CCS 1and 2claim members; £25-00. Members of other clubs;  £30-00
Per evening: CCS 1and 2claim members;   £2-00. Members of other clubs;    £3-00)

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