CCS Open Event: 14th September -Lavenham 10

Course: Lavenham 10
Distance: 10 miles
Start Time: 07:38

Event Organiser: Brian Webber
Time Keepers: Lucy Jay, Geoff Morse
Marshalls: Gordon Griggs, Brian Mann
Recorder: Andrew Hoppit
Results: Alan Wiseman
Observer:Bob Bush

With thanks to Adam Chamberlin and Scott Jones who pushed off. The canteen helpers Mr & Mrs Shotbolt, and Mr & Mrs Rogers

Well done to everyone else from the club who turned up as extra help and support.

Pos Rider Club Time
1 Lee Bark Stowmarket & District CC 00:22:21
2 Glenn Taylor API Metrow 00:23:22
3 Martin Pyne Anglia Velo 00:23:29
4 Angus Jardine Ipswich BC 00:23:39
5 Mathew Shotbolt CC Sudbury 00:24:37
6 James Rush CC Sudbury 00:24:38
7 Adrian Pettit Stowmarket & District CC 00:24:47
8 Chris Worsfold API Metrow 00:25:15
9 John Adams Stowmarket & District CC 00:25:34
10 Graham White Ipswich Tri 00:26:14
11 Phil Hollingsworth East Anglian CC 00:26:25
12 Stewart Kirk CC Sudbury 00:26:27
13 Damon Day CC Sudbury 00:27:00
14 Paul Barton Stowmarket & District CC 00:27:28
15 Mark Pearce Wolsey RC 00:28:01
16 Brian Clarke Colchester Rovers CC 00:28:20
17 Ted Saunderson Ipswich BC 00:28:51
18 George Hoppit CC Sudbury 00:28:55
19 Tony Sheppard Colchester Rovers CC 00:29:22
20 Miriam Edwards Stowmarket & District CC 00:29:24
21 Terry Law CC Sudbury 00:29:35
22 Peter Hamon Verulam CC 00:30:05
23 Margaret Hamon Verulam CC 00:30:47
24 Peter Murray Haverhill Wheelers 00:31:41
25 Ted Jackson Haverhill Wheelers 00:32:44
26 William Jenkins CC Sudbury 00:33:36
DNS Gino Howe API Metrow 00:00:00
DNS Brian Davies West Suffolk W 00:00:00
DNS Ray Ross Comrades CC 00:00:00
DNS Duncan Murphy Cambridge CC 00:00:00
DNS John Bonnyhood Pro-lite CC 00:00:00
DNS Rickaby Shearly-Sanders Colchester Rovers CC 00:00:00
DNS Colin Clarke Wolsey Road Club 00:00:00

2 Comments So Far

  1. Many thanks to all those invloved in what was a great event. The organisation and marshaling was top draw as normal.
    As a small thank you for all the times I have been heartley hosted by CCSudbury on a Thursday night. Please donate my prize money into either your end of season trophy fund, or put it in the pot so that Sudbury Club members can have a drink on me at your xmas function.

    Once again many thanks and Good Health to all, Lee Bark

    LEE BARK on September 17th, 2008 at 7:26 pm
  2. Thank you very much Lee for your supportive comments and the donation. The club has decided to give your prize money to our chosen charity East Anglian Childrens Hospice.

    Many thanks.

    Lucy on September 24th, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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