CCS TT Results 2009: 16th April – Lavenham 10

Course: Lavenham 10
Distance: 10 miles
Start Time: 18:45
Time Keepers: Brian Webber, Lucy Jay, Alison Steed
Marshalls: Alan Russell, Terry Law
Pusher off: Dave Fenn

Well it was a very wet start to the season but you all ploughed through the rain so well done to you all.
Many thanks to all the help that turned out.
The start times for this event was a little un-ordinary so please, if you see that there is a disgrepancy then please see one of the time keepers. Also please be aware that the times given out on Thursday evening were 30 seconds generous, I am very sorry for our mistake.

Pos Rider Club Time
1 S Wright CCS 00:23:50
2 A Pettitt SDCC 00:24:01
3 M Shotbolt CCS 00:25:04
4 S Daw CCS 00:25:46
5 D Coughlan Inter Bike 00:25:48
6 J Rush SDCC 00:25:52
7 C Byford Braintree Velo 00:26:26
8 G Smith Braintree Velo 00:26:47
9 J Beck CR 00:27:45
10 A Hoppit CCS 00:28:14
11 T Pillit 53/12 00:30:12
12 S Kirk CCS 00:30:23
13 N Bull CCS 00:33:11
14 A Rogers CCS 00:34:40
15 G Palmer CCS 00:34:38
16 J Steed CCS 00:37:44

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