CCS Results 2009:- 25th June – Interclub WSW & Hav W Lavenham

strong>Course: Lavenham 10

Distance: 10 miles

Start Time: 19:00

Time Keepers: Brian Webber, Lucy Jay, Alison Steed

Marshalls: John Steed, Tom Moore

With thanks to Robin Weaver who helped with the board and counting the points again.

We had good weather and a great turn out by both CCS with 17, West Suffolk Wheelers with 11 and Haverhill Wheelers had the one turn up. The points was close this year, we took the won with 232 points against WSW 220. Points are based on the first 5 fasted times from each club starting at 50.

Well done and thanks to everyone who turned up and helped out.

Pos Rider Club Time Points
1 T Southorn WSW 00:23:46 50
2 R Davies CCS 00:23:53 49
3 J Rush CCS 00:23:58 48
4 D Giffen WSW 00:24:28 47
5 S Daw CCS 00:24:39 46
6 D Day CCS 00:25:17 45
7 A Russell CCS 00:25:25 44
8 S Kirk CCS 00:25:27
9 W Newland WSW 00:25:59 42
10 A Trolove WSW 00:26:07 41
11 S Fox WSW 00:26:11 40
12 D Leaver WSW 00:26:14
13 J Steed WSW 00:26:28
14 M Gant CCS 00:26:36
15 M Eastwood WSW 00:27:07
16 B Mann CCS 00:27:11
17 T Pillet CCS 00:27:20
18 T Law CCS 00:27:35
19 A Hoppit CCS 00:27:48
20 D Young WSW 00:28:05
21 S Mayes WSW 00:28:13
22 G Andrews CCS 00:28:28
23 G Hoppit CCS 00:28:38
24 N Bull CCS 00:30:22
25 T Jackson Hav W 00:31:35
26 G Palmer CCS 00:32:15
27 H Sturgeon WSW 00:32:20
28 J Shotbolt CCS 00:32:43
29 B Bush CCS 00:36:10
N Webber CR 00:24:10
A Kendedy IBC 00:22:54
P Jay NC & TC 00:26:07

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  1. Stayed at The Swan hotel in Lavenham last week (16th Sept. 2011) in room 7. The original room 15 has now been re nrebeumd room 3 and room 7 is directly below. My parents were actually staying in room 3 (15) and reported nothing, but I awoke in the middle of the night to find an image of a bearded man at the side of my bed where my wife was sleeping. He was not a solid image, but was clearly visible and as i brushed him away from the bed he clearly retreated to the wall where the walk in closet is and then disappeared. I asked about him at reception in the morning and they said he had been seen many times before. they also told me an elderly lady is often seen in rooms sitting on a bed and the lady who committed suicide in room 3(15) is seen quite regularly.

    Selam on November 13th, 2015 at 10:54 am

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