Points awarded as follows:

For each start 5 points
For each finish 5 points
For each 1 sec improvement over target time, then best time
(target time for new riders is their first time)
    1 point
For turning up, then event cancelled 5 points
For first marshalling 30 points
For second marshalling, if required 40 points
For riders with no previous time for a course, their first ride on that course becomes their target time.
Name Total Points to date Position
M Bampton 111 10
J Bellward
M Borg
D Bree 40
G Buckles
M Bunn 440 2
R Bush 40
R Davies 89
D Day 51
A Dyson 30  
A Elderfield 10
G Evans 15
M Felton 30
D Fenn 66
L Ford
R Harman
C Harris 197 5
L Hobden 112 9
M Jay 10
G Johnson 58
I Johnson 130 8
M Lawson
A Lesslie
S Mackay
I Millard 165 7
D Miller 82
T Moore
W Mumford
G Pamment
T Pillet
T Radford
G Ratcliff 169 6
D Rule
J Rush 55
A Sheppard 110
C Steward 314 3
M Trayner 575 1
D Upton 199 4
N Webber 20
L West 42  

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