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Semer Hill Climb 2007

Another year, but still the same hill to climb.

Speed and how to achieve it: An Evening With Bob Hayward

You werenʼt at the Stevenson Centre on 29 November? Your time-trial placingʼs may suffer as a result! Those who were there had a logical fact-based presentation from Bob Hayward, ETTA coach, which apparently virtually guaranteed we could all cycle faster as a result of a structured training programme taking no
more than 6 hours a week, including time-trialling time.
These were the basic theories; Set objectives for the year (which must be realistic) Establish a phased training programme, designed to peak no sooner than mid-way through the time-trial season.
Six hours training a week (up to half on a turbo trainer permissible)
The key to riding faster time-trials is training to ride faster than your current fastest time-trial average speed (fairly obvious when pointed out)
In more detail:
Phased training programme: – start date can be varied to suit individual season requirements.
Basic/Specific phases:
Ideally 2x 1.5hr + 1x3hr or 4×1.5hr periods per week. Known as endurance session; typically, for 3hr ride, start ride for 30min in high gear (70revs), then 15sec sprint in 52×15/16 gear, then main ride section for 90mins in low gear, spinning at 100+revs, then end section of 60mins in high gear (70revs), with 15sec sprint in 52×15/16 gear halfway through this. This should all be at “conversation pace”, except the sprints; should also be at your own pace, not that of others.
Transition phase:
Ideally, 4×1.5hr sessions (3 on consecutive days, with 2day break before timetrialling) first session, speed splits training; 15mins low gear, 15mins intervals training, 60mins low gear, again “conversation pace”. The speed splits intervals training is made up of short bursts of speed with recovery intervals; see table
Interval. % of t/t spd. Recry. No. Name
10 min 105 2 min 2 Split 10
5 min 107 2 min 2-4 Split 5
3 min 110 3 min 2-6 Split 3
1 min 115 1 min 2-5 Lactate
15-30sec 125 4 min 4-10 L Sprint
5-10sec 130 2 min 4-10 S Sprint

Second and third training sessions; endurance training as in Basic/Specific phase.
Fourth session; time-trialling!
Season phase:
Ideally, 4×1.5hr sessions (3 on consecutive days, with 2 day break before timetrialling) first session, speed split intervals training as Transition phase second session, endurance training as in Basic/Specific phase third session, speed sprint interval training as table above.
Fourth session; time-trialling!
Have an easier week every 3 or 4 weeks! Riding to work regularly is excellent background work. If you miss some training through tiredness, donʼt add extra training to catch up. Recovery times decrease as you get fitter (it says here!)
Increase work-rates gradually and progressively.
All in all, this was an excellent session, with itʼs basic assumption that anyone could improve t/trial times with structured training. My personal target is a sub 28m on the Sudbury 10 – if thatʼs achieved, the assumption is proved! For those who werenʼt able to attend, itʼs possible Geoff Morse may have copies of the handouts

November Spindle

Another edition of the Spindle is available for download.
Check out the Spindle page for more details

Interclub Hill Climb at Dalham (Not So Sure)

12 club members, sound in body, but not in mind, assembled to wrap up the Interclub Championship at the Dalham hills. 5 souls had braved the strong winds and rain to cycle over. 2 had driven what was to be a 100 mile round trip for them to get there, for the last event of the year. Start time came and went without anyone else arriving, so after an informal ʻclub championshipʼ race to the top of the hill by our now disappointed group, we all made our way back home, slightly peeved that no one from the other 2 clubs had bothered to turn up.

So, cutting a long story short, it appeared that we were at the wrong venue as it was being held a mere 2 miles up the road at Primrose Hill, Moulton, all as detailed in our very own Spindle and from which 12 grown men had failed to spot. Hmm.

Next years event is to be held in Limbo, which is south/east of Newmarket. Details tofollow nearer the time.

2007 Semer Hill Climb

Our recent open hill climb at Semer, was held in almost perfect conditions, with Geoff reporting 26 entries which was 4 up from last years event.

What always surprises me, are the number of supporters it attracts, especially around the finish line, which adds to the marvellous atmosphere the event always provides. Also present this year was the local Press if form of Ken Watkins and photographer, article can be found here.

C.C.S. provided 7 entrants which was also an improvement over last years paltry entry of just 2.
James Ward from Cambridge CC had won the previous 2 events and his time of 47.9secs proved to be the fastest of the day to scoop a hat-trick of wins. He was followed home by Daniel Zagni and Phil Hetzel, both from Ipswich B.C., 3secs down on the winner.

Quickest C.C.S. rider up the hill was a close fought battle between James Rush and Peter Fradley, with James just shading it with a 55.1 sec compared to Petersʼ 57.4sec ride. Rob Davies followed with a 1min02.2sec, Rob Sidgwick with a 1min15.7sec, George Hoppitt with a 1min21.5sec that was good enough to beat dad Andrewsʼ time of 1min24.8! and finally Terry Law with a 1min35.4sec riding a fixed and complaining about his gearing being all wrong. It certainly looked that way at the top. A valiant effort though. George deservedly picked up the junior prize and it was nice to see some young riders coming through at last.

A well run event by Geoff as usual, ably assisted by Brian Webber, Alan Wiseman and the canteen boys and girls at the village hall. Winner Ward, congratulated the club in what he described as his favourite, best run and most enjoyable event of the year. Make a date in your diaries for next yearʼs event, to come and play or just watch.