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Long Cycle Down

Long Cycle Down
A couple of club members have made comment about not seeing me on a bike lately. Well I’m hoping to put an end to those rumors with a bang. Yep, that’s right once again I’ll be cycling the 880 miles of the ‘end 2 end’. Due to popular demand it will be completed the easy way; top down.
David Law, Harry Crampton and I will set off from John O’Groats on Sunday 21st September and hope to reach Lands End the following Saturday.

Once again it seems only right to try and raise some money along the way and due to a couple of personal reasons we will be donating any money to the BreakThrough Breast Cancer Charity. I’m sure will agree it is a worthy cause so please feel free to spare a few pennies.

We also have a web site to keep a track of our progress. You can find out more details of the ride and the people behind it over at: or please visit our online donation page at

CCS TT Results: 14th August – Hitcham Hilly

Course: Hitcham Hilly
Distance: 13 miles
Start Time: 19:00
Time Keepers: Lucy Jay, Alison Steed, Brian Webber
Marshalls: Roger Rush, Rob Davies, Brian Mann

Pos Rider Club Time
1 J Rush CCS 00:34:23
2 M Shotbolt CCS 00:35:31
3 A Pettit SDCC 00:35:48
4 G White ITC 00:38:54
5 M Edwards SDCC 00:40:19
6 T Law CCS 00:40:57
7 A Rogers CCS 00:41:34
8 R Sidgwick CCS 00:43:11
9 J Steed CCS 00:44:12
10 C Hall CR 00:45:24
11 G Griggs CCS 00:45:28
12 B Law CCS 00:46:03
13 C White CR 00:47:23
14 T Moore Bath RC 00:48:15
2-UP C Byford & M Rennison Hav W 00:36:49

CCS Open Event: 14th September

Cycle Club Sudbury’s Open 10 mile TT will be held on Sunday 14th September 2008 and will be the B10/39R course which is the Lavenham to Sudbury and return course

The closing date for this event is Tuesday 2nd September 2008

All enquires to Brian Webber, CCS Event Secretary on 01787 379605

CCS Results: 7th August – Hitcham Hilly

Course: Hitcham Hilly
Distance: 13 miles
Start Time: 19:00
Time Keepers: Lucy Jay, Alison Steed, Brian Webber
Marshalls: Andy Rogers, Rob Sidgwick

With thanks to both Andy and Rob who have already marshaled this season

The evening started out lovely and just as we started the heavens opened and it did not stop raining. Well done to the remaining 10 out of the 14 who signed on for sticking with it in the down pour. Please remember that if you do not want to start and you have been issued a number you MUST report to the TT secretary or at the very least one of the time keepers, Brian or Alison

Huge thanks to Brian, Alison, Roger and Andrew who all stuck around in the dreadful rain with me to support the 10 crazy riders

Pos Rider Club Time
1 J Rush CCS 00:34:31
2 M Shotbolt CCS 00:34:48
3 A Russell CCS 00:36:34
4 M Edwards SDCC 00:41:09
5 J Steed CCS 00:44:21
6 G Hoppit CCS 00:45:38
7 T Moore Bath RC 00:48:26
8 B Bush CCS 00:51:06
9 J Everett SDCC DNF
10 A Heny CCS DNF

CCS Results: 31st July – Brent Eleigh

Course: Brent Eleigh
Distance: 8.4 miles
Start Time: 19:30
Time Keepers: Brian Webber, Alison Steed, Geoff Morse
Marshalls: Roger Rush

Many thanks Roger for stepping in to cover our MIA marshal!

Pos Rider Club Time
1 J Rush CCS 00:19:21
2 J Everett SDCC 00:19:45
3 M Shotbolt CCS 00:20:23
4 N Baker CCS 00:20:54
5 B Mann CCS 00:21:11
6 C Byford Hav W 00:21:46
7 G White ITC 00:22:11
8 T Law CCS 00:22:23
9 S Mayes Braintree Velo 00:22:28
10 G Hoppit CCS 00:23:33
11 M Edwards SDCC 00:23:40
12 J Steed CCS 00:24:46
13 G Griggs CCS 00:24:50
14 B Law CCS 00:25:32
15 C Hall CR 00:25:43
16 T Moore Bath RC 00:26:38
17 B Bush CCS 00:28:22